childbirth complications.

from pregnancy or

a woman or girl dies

Every two minutes

and after saves lives.

before, during

Skilled care

to stop these preventable tragedies.

is creating systemic change

Save the Mothers

for maternal health.

to advocate

use their influence

Our students

mother matters.

Because every

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Save the Mothers is an international, charitable organization equipping African leaders to save the lives of women and babies.

Sylvia’s Journey

The searing pangs came in the middle of the night. Sylvia knew what they meant. All of her deliveries had been at home, but she was bleeding this time and knew she needed help. The closest health facility was more than 2 hours away – by foot! Her village, high ...

Call the Midwife!

Edwige Namwanga was a midwife when she was accepted into Save the Mothers’ MPHL program. Like many of her fellow midwives, she knew mothers were dying unnecessarily, and she wanted to do something about it. When she graduated in 2016, she was put in charge of a rural health centre ...