Support the work of Save The Mothers through your purchase of the following items:


Limited Edition, non-medical, washable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial, Save The Mothers masks. Perfect for your trips to buy groceries!

Comes in youth and adult sizes!

Also get our multi-wear charcoal mask filter insert (while supplies last)

Filter inserts come in packs of 2.

 $17.99 each | Two Masks for $30
 $5.99 per Filter Insert pack


Limited Edition Buffs for Save The Mothers

 $17.99 each


Mask and Buffs “Gift Pack”

 $30.00 each pack


 Due to COVID-19, Walk to Save a Mother was cancelled in 2020. Show your support with a T-Shirt anyways!

 $19.99 plus shipping and handling


Written by Jean Chamberlain-Froese, The Game Changers provides a glimpse of the transformation taking place in individuals and in communities across East Africa.

 $19.99 plus shipping and handling

Donation Options

We want to keep the Ugandan mothers and their health care providers safe whilst in hospital.  Your support can provide a team of maternal health providers with a package of protection to limit the spread of COVID-19 during lifesaving maternal procedures.

Help protect a health worker and limit their chance of contracting or spreading COVID-19 and other infections to mothers whilst providing emergency care.

* Items will be purchased and selected by hospital staff in Uganda and will include items such as masks, gloves, plastic aprons, boots, soap, sanitizer based on availability and need.

Women in Uganda are facing even more delays than usual in getting access to maternal care at a hospital or health facility. This means that many require surgery to save them and their babies or to prevent them from permanent disability.

Key surgeries/procedures include Cesarean sections, blood transfusions, and fistula repair.

You can help a mom with an unexpected complication get lifesaving care she needs when she faces an unexpected pregnancy or birth complication.

Do you want to help save thousands of mothers lives and give their children a bright future? Support a student to get the knowledge and skills they need to save women and children in their communities in Uganda.


If you need assistance, or to order by phone, please call us at (905) 928-7283

Order by phone: (905) 928-7283 (SAVE)
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