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It’s been called “the most tolerated tragedy.”

A mother dies every 90 seconds of causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.
These are preventable deaths. In the developed world we’ve got the skills, personnel and resources
to manage complications during pregnancy. But in developing countries, women and babies simply die.

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By | December 2nd, 2016|Categories: East Africa, News, Uganda, Vision Trip|Tags: , , , |

A mother and baby elephant out for a stroll at Queen Elizabeth Park in Uganda.   There's nothing quite like the experience of seeing something for yourself. Firsthand. With your own eyes. You can hear about [...]

Meet a graduate: Jane Mulumba Nabunnya

By | November 14th, 2016|Categories: Master of Public Health Leadership, maternal health, maternal mortality, Student profile, Uganda|Tags: , , , , |

Jane, 47, is a journalist and policy analyst who graduated from Save the Mothers’ Master of Public Health Leadership (MPHL) program in February. Communications Intern Fortunate Kagumaho brings us this interview.   Fortunate: Why did [...]