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For Immediate Release
Saturday January 24, 2015

Save the Mothers Is Looking For
For The 2015/16 Academic Year

Save the Mothers is a global leader in reducing the numbers of mothers dying in childbirth. The program offers a Master of Public Health Leadership degree in Maternal Health that is currently administered by Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda.

Description of intern:

This person will have completed an undergraduate degree (specialty not required) and have some experience in a work setting. They will be people-oriented with a willingness to work and learn in a cross-cultural environment. The appropriate person will have a strong interest in health issues in the developing world (and preferably maternal/child health). Many of the interns will go on to careers in development, public or maternal health care. The successful candidate will respect the values and beliefs held by both the Save the Mothers program and the Uganda Christian University.


The STM intern will report directly to the STM executive director but will work closely with the STM academic director and administrative assistant.

The appropriate candidate will have a strong mastery of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the use of email/Internet searches. Other appropriate computer programs would be helpful (e.g. SPSS or EPI info) along with skills in social media. Photography is also an asset.


The intern will be on site in Uganda as of September 1, 2015 and until May 15, 2016 (or later). Interns are free to return home during the month of December if they wish (at their own cost).
Interns will:

a) Ensure all audiovisual and technical requirements for STM classes are in place at the beginning of each class.
b) Record and edit lectures given during the STM classes/modules (using supplied technology)
c) Liaise with STM students and assist with the students’ acquisition of teaching resources including class notes, assistance with basic computer access/problems
d) Organize class notes into permanent records for STM
e) Carry out special research assignments as required, including Internet searches to garner necessary information/scientific papers.
f) Assist in any special activities held by the STM program, including outreaches to the community/church/hospitals
g) Liaise with the communications coordinator (STM Canada) to promote social media about safe motherhood issues in both Canada and East Africa
h) Assist in the promotion of STM in both Canada and East Africa when possible
i) Any other appropriate tasks as deemed necessary by the executive director

The STM intern will be free to join any STM teaching session or activity that may benefit their personal knowledge or experience, including field trips to the community for sensitization.


The STM intern will be housed in an ‘apartment/flat’ on the campus of UCU. It is a basic arrangement with a kitchenette, private bedroom and sitting area. Wireless Internet is made available for the intern flat through the university’s system. A refrigerator, gas stove and basic kitchenware are available for free use. Utilities are covered by the interns.

Financial issues:

Save the Mothers international will support the intern with a $2000 stipend to be put towards their airfare or whatever is deemed appropriate.

Estimated costs for the STM intern:

Health insurance—$500
Accommodation—no charge if staying in intern flat
Food—depends on your tastes—can probably manage at $10/day
Telephone airtime—$50/month
Other incidentals (including utilities – water and electricity)—$200 per month

How to apply:

Please send your CV and a short essay (500 words) stating why you would like to become the Save the Mothers intern to Dr. Jean ( ) and Dr. Dan Scott ( In your CV include your full name and contact information including email, snail mail, Skype name (if you have one) telephone number and emergency contact information. You should include two references (include their contacts and state your relationship to them) with your CV. No other formal application is required.

Deadline for application is May 15, 2015. Interviews will be offered to eligible candidates.

Please see for more information about Save the Mothers. There are several videos of TV coverage (CBC, Global, CTS) on the website under ‘News and Video’.

Here is what the STM interns have had to say about their experience in the STM program:

“This has been life-changing. I’ve gained invaluable experience about maternal health, country development and Ugandan culture. I couldn’t imagine spending a year in Africa doing anything else.” Ashley Wallace (STM intern 2009/10)

“Working with Save the Mothers has given me knowledge and experience, both in maternal health and working in a developing country, beyond what I could have imagined. This internship with STM has been the opportunity of a lifetime.” Laura Cranna (STM intern 2010/2011)

Feel free to contact our current interns Katherine Brown and Victoria Shaw at Or previous interns Zoe ( and Kaitlyn ( with any further questions or to get the ‘real scoop’ about being the STM intern.

We look forward to your application!

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